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The field of creativity of the workshop is immense, and the execution is exclusive and individual. Designers are always ready to offer a unique project, part of which are, created by special order, monumental paintings, hot enamels, mosaics and decorative coatings.

Interior and architecture

Designers "Diptych" are engaged in your project entirely, from the most difficult - the development of the concept and style, to proposals for decoration and selection of accessories. The direction of the space depends entirely on the architect, he is busy with this all the time from the appearance of the idea to its execution, and easily inscribes the scenery into the existing surroundings. In the portfolio of the workshop there are many completed projects of apartments, cottages, offices, boutiques and public places.

Decorative coatings and plaster

Decorative coverings and reliefs - an opportunity to evoke in the person a pleasant tactile sensation from the interior, which change after the selection of textures. An important principle of the process of the Diptych masters work is that the coating is tinted on the spot, these are the only conditions under which you can take into account all the nuances - the intensity of lighting, reflexes and harmonious combination with other interior components. Here comes the most harmonious place rhythm and proportionality of strokes. Plaster, as an interior decoration created by the chosen architect and you in the first stage of the scenario. Covering the walls, repeating the surface of the fabric curtains or furniture, causes emotions at the level of tactile perception and a whole vortex of your own images or memories, continuing the play of the palette with a saturated color spot.

Monumental painting

Today, the tradition of wall paintings that once adorned aristocratic homes is returning. Everyone can afford it, and only the unique, made by the hands of a person, keeps the heat and inspires the interior of the house. Most of all from different types of fine arts to comfort and harmony in the house has a painting. Painting on the wall is a highlight of the interior, it is often she who offers the main theme, which can only be supported with accessories, furniture, decorative coating and other details.

Monumental painting

The artist, the head of the workshop "Diptych"


- Ekaterinburg Art College. Shadra on the specialty "design"

- UralGAHA, majoring in "monumental and decorative painting" (Zhitnikova MA workshop)

- UralGAHA with a specialization in "architecture of residential and public buildings"

The range of creative interests is incredibly wide: monumental painting and easel graphics, hot enamel and Internet technology, design and synthesis of arts in modern architecture. And whatever he did, each work is an endless search for his own figurative and expressive means, expressing the artist's inner emotional world. It is the search for your place in art, which forms a recognizable individual style with its energetic line, active color and sharp expressiveness of forms.

Monumental painting


EHU them. Shadra, UralGAHA, specialty is monumental and decorative art.

Senior lecturer of the department of decorative art and easel painting UralGAHA. Member of the VETOKHR, participant of city, regional, zonal and all-Russian exhibitions.


- Diploma of the International exhibition (personal) on the program "School of Dionysius - 2004"

- Diploma of the International exhibition (personal) on the program "Dionisy School-2006" (issued by the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, the State Cultural Institution, the Branch of the Kirillo-Belozersky Historical, Architectural and Art Museum-Reserve by the Museum of Frescoes of Dionysius).

- Diploma of the All-Russia show-contest of the best diploma works of graduates of art universities. Moscow Higher Art and Industrial University. Stroganoff. 2002 (personal) The MVUPU them. Stroganova

- Diploma of the third degree of the 3rd international competition for architectural drawing in Kazan 2005

- Diploma of the International Music Festival "Saxon Plener - 2006"

Since 2002 he is the senior teacher of the Department of Decorative Art of UralGAHA

Since 2002 - artistic director of the creative workshop "Diptych"

Since 2005 - member of the Union of Artists of Painting of Russia.