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The main office of the company "ALLRISE"

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The main office of Allrise

The common space is divided into 3 zones. The first is a zone for meetings or waiting, in the center – a table of operationists for 6 persons, in the end, is located a lounge zone with a small kitchen with 2 tables. At the border, there are 3 offices of top-managers of the company Allrise.

The main theme of the financial group Allrise’s office is space meaning place and universe. Despite a very used and regular achromatic color scale for offices, designers play with factures and textures, materials – here are refractional metal, matted plastic, transparent glass, rough textile. For example, right at the entrance, there is a mirror wave as a symbol of movement and flow, upon this, there are works Space reflecting in every 3 offices.

There in the center is a stream-line form reminding 8, or infinity symbol. The structure reflects all movements of employees and change of daytime and weather.

Contrast by color, it’s not only decorated but also functional – the structure zones a working place providing privacy; moreover it’s possible to sit or even lay down on it.


Reno, Nevada, USA

Project: DIPTIH

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