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Office of investing company

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Office of investing company of Allrise

We’ve developed a logo and brand book which is in a base of the colorful score of the interior. The keynote is a flow of space, reached by glass transparent walls all round, there are offices, conference and brainstorm rooms behind, and an open common space in the center.

Despite on a common stylistics, each zone has its own identity: offices differ from a conference-hall or cabinets. It’s completed by a put to good use of color and materials: where the light is necessary, there is white color primarily used, in a conference hall dark tints prevail.

There were added acoustics panes Eco Phon for a more comfortable communicational environment. Offices were decorated by infographics and also completed by spotlight.

A bright accent of the whole office is a kitchen, where employees are able to take a break and rest from a working rush. Colorful chairs are supported by a mural – a fragment of M-Maybe by Roy Lichtenstein, and by paintings of a contemporary artist, Ilya Yusupov.

Tahoe, Nevada, USA

Project: DIPTIH

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